A Hum In The Room

single channel video
no sound
duration: N/A


A HUM IN THE ROOM is a visual piece composed with an animation of 240 still images displayed in consecutive frames on a grid of 240 cells. Each cell presents the image sequentially, the way a movie does, whereas the entire page shows the decomposition of movement.

While it plays with the notion that de Duve qualifies as “unperformed movement and impossible posture” (Thierry de Duve, 1978.Time Exposure and Snapshot: The Photograph as Paradox), this installation conveys the concept of movement as a succession of immobilities. As the viewer shifts his gaze from representation to abstraction, a second layer emerges revealing an overall image full of rhythm and musicality.

More broadly A HUM IN THE ROOM shows a process questioning time and movement, and ultimately reminds us that they might merely be an illusion.

performer JILL SIGMAN